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Steve Jobs resurrected a failing company into what is the world’s largest technology company today. Steve Jobs reinvented the way we listen to music and get them. Steve Jobs revolutionized the way we type and access information from our phone.

Jeff Bezos reinvented the way books are sold and consumed. Jeff Bezos revolutionized the way we carry out our daily shopping. And now Jeff Bezos is making an attempt to reinvented the way we receive our order delivery.

If you wonder what that last sentence is referring to, it means that you must have just come back from stone age to the present. Obviously, I’m talking about the drone last-mile delivery that Amazon hopes to make a reality in 4 to 5 years time.

Anyone you speak to would say that Steve Jobs is one of the greatest innovator that the world has ever had and already he is acclaimed as greatest in our generation. After his passing, he left a legacy that is too huge for anyone to take over. Even his personally handpicked and groomed successor, Tim Cook, is far from it. (My apology Tim, but I still regard you as one the greatest operation guy)

sea drone

If ever the unmanned air delivery comes to reality, do you think for all the accomplishments and revolutions that he has brought on, Jeff Bezos is equal to Steve Jobs?

That is an issue that I’m certain everyone will be talking about for the next few years to come.