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Isn’t this a flawless beauty?

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Have now been pondering about it for quite a while.

I was initially torn between French Press and drip coffee makers. In the end, my heart went for drip but not just any drip. I’m glad I had gone for Chemex.

Today, this cool-looking equipment makes me the envy of my friends and I have been receiving a lot of compliments about it.

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A short bio about myself

Posted by on Jan 17, 2014 in General | 0 comments

I’d bet that if you do not possess a certain thing that is entirely or even fully over your head as well as enthusiastic about, then you are probably not heading the type of profoundly passionate and also wild life which you ought to be. Right now just before you make a point if you happen to be the reasonable type or even strongly believe in the rationale and also power of rationale, take time to look at this simple question. In the event that you simply live your life every single day completing job after job, you by no means have any reason to get you out of bed sooner than everybody else, you by no means have anyone you too sleep in late with and are not able to find anything to get you fired up. Then exactly what does this kind of life mean to you personally? I possess tonnes of personal obsessions. And whenever I’m passionate about something, I won’t hide it. it is indeed my hope that you will be able to identify your concealed passion too at the conclusion of this informative article Many people treat photography to be a great pastime which allows you to catch events along with photos of every single specific instance that may grab your attention at that very moment. But I look at photography coming from a distinct point of view. A camera just isn’t a tool, however a mechanism that enables you to create a window to the past. One of the main reasons why I am so enthusiastic about photography is its ability to reproduce and capture every emotions and feelings along with the intricacies like the smell and sound of that distinct image that had been clicked. Another great advantage of photography is that you can share the same memoirs with other people or ensure that it stays as a secret. This is the reason why specific pictures will certainly show up in your life plus go passing by like bubbles on a stream and also others, even only if seen in a glimpse, may become tattooed on the back of your brain once and for all. One thing that many people usually take for granted is the quality of food which most perceive it as nothing more than just few ingredients being put together. After all, food will be the fuel our own bodies use in order to live and end up being vitalized. Take time and check around your world without bias. You will begin to see the result of not learning to cook our own own meals and depending entirely upon other people to get this done for us. All over the country, it’s very obvious that the obesity level of the common person is rising at a steady rate. And also to think that almost all that I needed was just some culinary skill and some degree of resolve for trying over and over till I managed to master the skills that I once believed was only a reserve for specialist chefs. With desire and motivation to master a skill, you may realize that there isn’t any magic to get great things done. Of all the things that we have to depend on, gadget is probably becoming so prevalent that none of us could live without it in these days and age. It was only in recent memory that we saw the demise of conventional phone and the emergence of smart and all-capable cellular devices. Now we are near the tipping point of mass ownership of wearable computing. From 3D Glass to Smart watch. None of us can predict what will be the next big thing. As gadget is definitely a big chunk of my life, I must say I could not imagine myself living a life without it. Once you choose to chase your deepest passion and discover yourself like by no means before, you will find that your life has revolved considerably as if it’s being painted by a selection of colors that’s lively, brighter as well as full of life, energy plus positivity. It is then that you are able to claim and tell the world which you’re indeed living life to the fullest.

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How do Automatic Time Pieces fare against Quartz Time Pieces?

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While you are searching for a brand new watch, you will be contemplating a great deal of questions however this concern is the one which almost every wristwatch seekers would be wondering. Suppose you happen to be thinking to pay for one, I believe you might also find yourself contemplating the same. If you are already pondering this question, this is certainly a welcome indication. This indicates that you are on the right path as this might be the single-most essential consideration that direct you to your ultimate decision.

Mechanical and Quartz pieces, are in the first place, viewed as two unique species. The earlier requires no battery to work while the other is powered by battery to work. The following question that you would be asking is the mechanism used in mechanical watches. It is in fact comprised of interlinked mechanical parts that draws its driving force from the person’s arm swing. Consequently Suppose your automatic timepiece lays unused for a prolonged period on your wardrobe it will most likely cease running and you will have to reset it before wearing. When you wear it and start moving, the mechanical energy produced by itself activates the hardware elements within to get going again.

The clicks you hear out of an Mechanical timepiece is likewise developed by its hardware pieces. These people purely love the ticking sound of the hands. If you ask them, they will simply answer you that the sound coming out of the hand ticking is just pleasure. The other specific design of automatic wristwatches is the visibility of the mechanical pieces that go into the watch. Other than the natural old fashioned appearance that it projects out, just watching the components move and tick can bring delight to anyone who knows the art of appreciating such beauty.

Nevertheless, the mechanical watches have one negative aspect when compared to the quartz wristwatches and that has got to do with the reliability. Ordinarily, non-battery operated watches go behind by 10 seconds every day making an impact on its dependability. If you perform a simple calculation and compounds this up for one month period, you can anticipate around 5 minutes stray monthly. Suppose you cannot endure this kind of erroneous timings, then the quartz battery-based watches are best for you.


With regards to choices, you can explore a wide selection of quartz watches. With these many different styles, you could get overwhelmed as to which one will suit you best. Unless you want to purchase wristwatches that necessitate very little maintenance and yet look very classy and trendy, then opt for Diesel watches as there is an array of awesome wristwatches to choose from.

Automatic wristwatches, by contrast, necessitate many other considerations and getting a good automatic watch is not as simple and easy. Obviously, you may be able to encounter few automatic watch for less than $500 but in this case these are not so good ones. This is because the standard is higher when dealing with automatic timepieces and they are envisaged to last a lot longer. If several hundreds of bucks is enough to buy you excellent battery-powered wristwatches, you definitely need to fork out thousands of dollars to get a fine quality mechanical watch. I’m not sure what you think of this, but personally, would rather save on this one and save the money for some other things like around the world expedition. For pragmatic purposes, Diesel watches are genuinely recommended and make good everyday use also.

The main reason behind the craze of automatic or mechanical timepieces is the craftsmanship that goes into the making. Arranging those tiny bits and segments of metals and ensure they work as one is in no way an easy accomplishment. This is the biggest rationale as to why people are willing to place this kind of expensive value on automatic timepieces and not on quartz timepieces.

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2013′s 10 Most Memorable Tweets

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  • Horror of the Boston Bombing



    • Government is shutting down



    • Terror at US Navy Yard



    • Bill Clinton and Bill Gates taking picture together


    • Nelson Mandela, one of the world’s greatest figure has died


    • See you Tokyo 2020!


    • 2013 Champion of the Champions


    • Yahoo is on massive shopping spree



    • Twitter is going IPO


    • The tech story that I’ll remember most

tech story

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What backpack models are the best in 2013?

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Backpacks have already been used prevalently since the beginning of time and it is a practice that’s true regardless of culture, history and geographical location. Given the numerous uses of backpacks in several aspects of our life, it is a fact that’s maybe not startling at all. If you have a love for travelling and like to explore places by yourself, you know the value of getting a great backpack because it is where you’d store and bring all your belongings, which range from clothings to equipments to even invaluables. If you are say an university student, you probably understand how before backpacks were used to carry these heavy textbooks but one that has changed in functionality because the usage of notebooks is becoming mainstream. This is simply not mentioning another more informal uses of backpacks such as fashion accessories.

One crucial thing to do if you plan to purchase a new backpack is always to to determine the precise purposes that the backpack will be employed for. When you are certain about that right from the start, it makes your shopping a great deal easier. I am saying this due to the fact backpack is a general term and you can find a lot of backpack brands to select from, with each quite likely to have its own market dominance in specific needs or niches. Therefore the next time you are looking for the strongest hiking backpacks, you have to look at brands like Teton instead of High Sierra. This implies that you can straight away zoom in your options and concentrate only those ranges that you’ll almost certainly end up purchasing anyway.

Needless to say buying a backpack can be as easy as entering a shop, just pick one that is most pleasing to the eyes and make your purchase. There’s nothing bad with this approach but you have to be aware that it’d take at least several rounds of buying before you end up with one that you’ll eventually use for at least the following couple of years. It is for that reason important that you read through backpack reviews and buying tips in order to increase your chance of finding the best backpack for the specific need need that you have. You’ll find few basic discussions in every excellent backpack evaluation, including material durability, compartment designs, body structure and the options for certain budget range.

Of the overall backpack consumer market, one significant market segment belongs to the adventure lovers. Outdoor is a general term and it includes activities including camping to light hiking to professional mountaineering. Eastpak would be the first name that comes to many people’s minds when discussing backpack. While it’s definitely one of the fine brand, it is good to note that they are known for their backpacks for college use as opposed to adventure. One particular manufacturer that most outdoor enthusiasts like to choose is Tetron. Be warned though that the best outdoor backpacks, say a backpack that is best for hiking, won’t be one that has the best looks.

The best backpack for girls

In my final analysis, I believe backpack is a thing that will never go into extinction. Nevertheless, changes in line with lifestyle needs and evolving fashion trends is something that backpack makers need to deal with. Will future professional and college backpacks be shrinking or growing in dimension? This is because the solution depends upon the size that future computing devices will take. Given all the constant talk of collapsible and bendable screen technology, it is highly probable the size of laptops may go down to half of its current form factor or possibly tinier. In the course of time, backpack producers would have to come up with a design that better fits these devices.

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Amazon plans to deliver your order in minutes using unmanned drone

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Steve Jobs resurrected a failing company into what is the world’s largest technology company today. Steve Jobs reinvented the way we listen to music and get them. Steve Jobs revolutionized the way we type and access information from our phone.

Jeff Bezos reinvented the way books are sold and consumed. Jeff Bezos revolutionized the way we carry out our daily shopping. And now Jeff Bezos is making an attempt to reinvented the way we receive our order delivery.

If you wonder what that last sentence is referring to, it means that you must have just come back from stone age to the present. Obviously, I’m talking about the drone last-mile delivery that Amazon hopes to make a reality in 4 to 5 years time.

Anyone you speak to would say that Steve Jobs is one of the greatest innovator that the world has ever had and already he is acclaimed as greatest in our generation. After his passing, he left a legacy that is too huge for anyone to take over. Even his personally handpicked and groomed successor, Tim Cook, is far from it. (My apology Tim, but I still regard you as one the greatest operation guy)

sea drone

If ever the unmanned air delivery comes to reality, do you think for all the accomplishments and revolutions that he has brought on, Jeff Bezos is equal to Steve Jobs?

That is an issue that I’m certain everyone will be talking about for the next few years to come.

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